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NYFW Preview; Exclusive Interview with…

Discovering the way in which a collection materialises is just as intriguing as discovering the pieces that form that brand. The evolution of style is, at its most basic definition, the understanding of how a particular phenomenon exists.

The phenomenon in question, in this instance, is the existence of menswear and womenswear brand, Vejits. Eclectic cool, with just the right amount of classic tailoring, are the crucial factors in what creates the vision of the Vejits look. Add in a tremendous use of colour and print, and you have the perfect collection to be shown as part of a high end, ready-to-wear catwalk show. As part of the impending New York Fashion Week, Vejits will be unveiling their Autumn/Winter ’16 collection.

Defining their style as ‘…nordic minimalism…’ and with attributes including’…functionality, and Asian colours and richness’, you can really begin to conceptualise the look and style of these heavily tailored garments.
Three minds are better than one, in this case, as this brand is fronted by a collaboration of designers. Firstly, we have Pornwijit Chuasomboon, who graduated from the Rajamangala University of Fashionesignand Textile and Art, Olli Turunen, Of the Helsinki Design School, and Mikhail Volodchenkov, who holds significant qualifications in textiles and clothing. With this abundance of experience in their respective fields, it is not hard to understand how this clothing brand is making such progress amongst the fashion community.

In terms of relatable designers? I can personally see inspiration from numerous sources. The use of bold, primary colour is somewhat reminiscent of styles triumphed by the looks of Diane Von Furstenberg, and even that of red carpet dressing mogul, Zac Posen. It is the femininity heralded within the womenswear collection which drew me in to wanting to know every detail regarding the evolution of this company; the fluid lines, against the structure of the incredible fabrics and prints. The devotion and fascination I feel towards the designs has lead me to wanting to know more. Needing to know more, really. Through my work with Oxford Fashion Studio, and the impending show at New York Fashion Week in which the Vejits collection will be show, I was able to ask Olli Turunen (designer, Vejits) just a few of the most important questions about the brand; including how the company was conceptualised, what inspires him, and where they will be one year from now.