VEJITS is an international women’s fashion brand based in Helsinki, Finland.

There are two designers behind the brand Mr. Pornwijit Chuasomboon from Thailand and Mr. Olli Turunen from Finland. 

Designers come from different countries and cultures but both have same desire and dreams in fashion. They established their own brand VEJITS in 2015. First collection was presented on spring 2016 in Paris fashion week.

Vejits uses high quality silks from Thailand together with it their own designed  unique prints. One of the key elements in Vejits sustainability is its timeless design with high quality workmanship. The clothes are designed to be in style from season to season and from year to another. Vejits believes in versatility where the fundamental thing is to style your clothes timelessly depending on the occasion and the season. The fashion industry changes and so do trends, but by combining different  Vejits pieces, you’ll achieve combinations which are always in style.

Vejits style consists of rich colours from Asia, playfullness and Nordic minimalism.